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NextEra Energy Transmission (NEET) is the leading competitive transmission company in North America. We develop, finance, construct, operate, and maintain transmission assets across the continent. Our subsidiaries were among the first non-incumbents to be awarded projects by system operators and utility commissions in California, New York, Texas and Ontario.

NEET’s portfolio includes operating assets in Texas and New Hampshire, as well as numerous projects under development in the United States and Canada.


Lone Star Transmission

Owner and operator of high-voltage transmission lines and associated equipment in Texas, bringing wind power to Central Texas, strengthening the electric grid and enhancing reliability.

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Lone Star:

Lone Star Transmission in Central Texas with 330 miles of double-circuit 345 kV line and six stations

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Rayburn Grid Switch:

Rayburn Grid Switch in Northeast Texas with 11 miles of 138 kV line and one station

New Hampshire Transmission

The majority owner of Seabrook Substation, which interconnects Seabrook Nuclear Generating Station with three critical high-voltage transmission lines in New England, thereby enhancing reliability.

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Seabrook Substation:

Seabrook Substation in Seabrook, New Hampshire which includes a 345 kV switchyard

NextEra Energy Transmission Canada

A transmission developer active in Ontario and Alberta, Canada, and through its NextBridge Infrastructure partnership, the selected developer of the first competitive transmission project awarded to a non-incumbent in Ontario.

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East-West Tie:

East-West Tie in Ontario, Canada including 280 miles of double-circuit 230 kV line

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NextEra Energy Transmission MidAtlantic

A transmission developer active in PJM, and selected acquirer of transmission assets.

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20 miles of 138 kV transmission lines located in Rochelle, Illinois (pending regulatory approvals and transaction close)

NextEra Energy Transmission Midwest

A transmission developer active in MISO.

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NEET Midwest is actively competing for projects in MISO to ensure they are constructed at the lowest cost while maintaining the highest quality standards, and simultaneously working to identify transmission solutions that improve the efficiency and reliability of MISO’s grid.

NextEra Energy Transmission New York

The designated developer for the first transmission project competitively awarded by NYISO.

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Empire State Line:

Empire State Line in Western New York including 20 miles of 345 kV line and two substations

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NextEra Energy Transmission Southwest

A transmission developer active in SPP, and selected acquirer of transmission assets.

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Jacksonville-Overton Line:

Jacksonville-Overton in Texas, including 30 miles of 138 kV line

NextEra Energy Transmission West

The designated developer for two projects in California, including the first competitive transmission project awarded to a non-incumbent in California.

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Estrella Substation:

Estrella Substation in Paso Robles, California including a 230/70 kV station

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Suncrest Dynamic Reactive Support:

Suncrest DRS in San Diego, California including a 230 kV 300 MVAR SVC station 

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