Reliable Power Now and Tomorrow


In February 2023, the regional grid operator serving parts of the eastern U.S. sought transmission proposals to address severe electricity reliability needs in the coming years. In December 2023, the proposed MidAtlantic Resiliency Link project was selected as part of a portfolio of transmission solutions to address this significant need.  

MidAtlantic Resiliency Link is designed to improve the reliability of the electric grid by building a new approximately 130-mile 500-kV transmission line across Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia, as well as a new 500/138-kV substation in Virginia. This excludes a portion of the transmission line in Frederick County, Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia that was assigned to another transmission developer.  

NextEra Energy Transmission MidAtlantic, LLC, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC, will finance, develop, construct, own, operate and maintain MidAtlantic Resiliency Link. NextEra Energy Transmission is a leading competitive transmission company in the United States that has successfully constructed transmission projects in 10 states across the country.  

We are currently gathering data and developing a study to identify and evaluate potential routes. The data being collected will help identify constraints, such as sensitive habitats and cultural resources, as well as opportunities, like the use of existing infrastructure corridors. No route has been selected at this time and the route provided in the bid to the regional grid operator was conceptual. As part of the routing process, we are committed to keeping the community informed about project milestones and giving them the opportunity to be involved in project development. We plan to share the potential route alternatives and host public meetings when we have more information. NextEra Energy Transmission MidAtlantic recognizes that transparency and collaboration with local communities will be critical to the success of the project.


Ensuring more reliable power for communities in the region.

Transmission lines in a field with a cow

Reducing the risk of electricity service interruptions in the region.

Metal transmission line coils

Short-term and long-term job opportunities for local residents.