Lowest cost, best value for New Jersey

NextEra Energy has an unrivaled record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Our ability to deliver on large projects, combined with the strong cost containment on every aspect of the project, ensures New Jersey customers get the offshore wind they need at a price that is affordable. Strong cost containment protects ratepayers and ensures the best value for the State of New Jersey. It is an approach we pioneered to keep costs low to the benefit of customers. In addition, our superior design offers New Jersey the most cost-effective solution that delivers to the state the most offshore wind power at the lowest cost to customers and with the fewest shore landings, minimizing impacts to both the environment and local communities. Our one-and-done approach also provides New Jersey an offshore wind transmission infrastructure that can meet the state’s clean energy demands without the need for future costly upgrades.

In an effort to further minimize impacts, NEETMA’s Cardiff proposal integrates the Ocean Wind 2 and Atlantic Shores projects into one route, significantly reducing environmental, community and shore landing impacts while saving customers an estimated $1 billion dollars. 

  • 50% fewer shore landings
  • 60% less community impacts
  • 68% less marine impacts