Delivering the Most Power with the Least Environmental, Community Disruptions

NEETMA’s innovative, flexible design focuses on maximizing offshore wind while minimizing impacts to the environment and local communities. As a company, we continually prioritize conservation and environmental impacts while working to decarbonize our future.  

NJ Seawind Connector delivers for New Jersey the most power with the least shore landings and disruptions to both the environment and local communities. By maximizing transmission to the three injection locations and locating platforms close to offshore wind leasing areas, our design mitigates impacts to marine habitat, wildlife, and cultural resources by minimizes the number of cables and platforms in the ocean, shore landings and routes through communities. 

Our proposal builds the infrastructure now to exceed New Jersey’s clean energy goals without having to construct more transmission or impact the shore again in the future. We do this while providing significant economic benefits to New Jersey:

  • Enabling New Jersey of approximately 1,600 million tons of CO2 emission reduction
  • Creating 52,000 construction jobs
  • Generating an estimated $13 billion in economic activity