Helping NJ Achieve 100% Clean Energy

The proposed NJ Seawind Connector offers New Jersey multiple solutions that collectively delivers to the State the greatest offshore wind power with the least impact to the environment and local communities. NEETMA’s superior design offers the most cost-effective approach to meeting New Jersey’s clean energy needs, while protecting ratepayers and providing BPU additional optionality, expandability and flexibility and state-of-the-art offshore wind transmission infrastructure to meet the State’s future energy needs.

NJ Seawind Connector Highlights:

  • Deans utilizes a single injection point to meet and exceed BPU’s offshore wind goals generating up to 6,000 MW

  • Oceanview offers a cost-effective way to inject offshore wind generating up to 3,000 MW

  • Cardiff is a more cost-effective way to inject offshore wind generating up to 2,700 MW

  • All 3 injection locations can generate up to 11,700 MW of clean, renewable energy


Following extensive reviews of 19 potential injection locations, hundreds of environmental and design considerations, and thousands of planning studies, NJ Seawind Connector offers the best options for New Jersey, utilizing high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology to deliver nearly 12,000 MW of offshore wind power—exceeding the State’s goal of 7,500 MW by 60%—with only three shore landings and through only three injection points at existing substations, Deans, Oceanview and Cardiff.

All proposals utilize HVDC technology which provides multiple benefits including:

  • Better electrical performance
  • Reduced environmental impacts
  • More cost-effective solutions
Paradise Solar Energy Center in Gloucester County, NJ. Paradise Solar Energy Center in Gloucester County, NJ.

NextEra Energy is an American clean energy company with an industry-leading electric utility, renewables and transmission businesses. Through NextEra Energy Resources and its subsidiary companies, we have been powering New Jersey for nearly a quarter-century and currently supply 13% of the state’s energy. We developed a large-scale solar photovoltaic project in West Deptford, NJ more than a decade ago. That project, called Paradise Solar, now includes Mantua Creek Energy Storage along with solar. Through our subsidiaries we operate 68 distributed generation solar projects throughout the state on warehouses, retail outlets and commercial and industrial facilities with more in development. We are also developing other solar and battery projects.

Our assests include:
  • 68 distributed energy resources in operation
  • 3 energy projects in development
  • 1 universal solar facility in operation
  • 1 battery energy storage system in operation

NextEra Energy is the world’s largest power company by market capitalization and a strong track record of completing complex, large scale projects on budget and on-time with $119 billion in infrastructure projects since 2011. We have been recognized as a corporate leader for 15 of the last 16 years on Fortune’s list of Most Admired Companies.