Getting it Done On Time and On Budget

NextEra Energy has a 19-year history of delivering complex, large-scale projects on time and on budget, completing over 308 major energy projects on average 14 days early with a 99% on or under budget completion rate of a $67 billion infrastructure program. Each year, NextEra Energy remains among the Top 5 infrastructure builders in the nation, enabling us to buy and build at a cost that benefits customers. We deploy proven cost-containment measures at every step to protect ratepayers. It is an approach NextEra Energy has pioneered to keep costs low to the benefit of customers.  

NextEra Energy has the expertise, experience, and financial resources to get the job done right to meet New Jersey’s ambitious offshore wind transmission goals. Delivering for New Jersey means not just energizing the project, but keeping it reliably operating. These are complex systems and we know how to operate them. Our transmission subsidiary owns and operates Trans Bay Cable and we are the only company currently operating the same technology in America as we propose in NJ Seawind Connector to deliver offshore wind to New Jersey.  

Our commitment to continuous improvement in everything we do drives us to develop innovative, industry-leading solutions to complex challenges. That’s why NJ Seawind includes a connector that links the offshore wind platforms to provide greater redundancy and reliability. This ensures wind power can still be brought onshore through our network in the event a transmission line goes down or requires routine maintenance. This simple connection between the platforms offers redundancy at a low cost to New Jersey ratepayers.

Our design can exceed NJ’s goal and deliver up to 11,700 MW of offshore wind. The mixing and matching of our proposals created 31 unique combinations offering significant optionality to New Jersey:
  • Ability to sequence overtime with flexible platform locations
  • Option to integrate Atlantic Shores and Ocean Wind 2, and option to connect platforms to further enhance reliability
  • All while reducing environmental and community impacts, and costs and risks to consumers

Platform connection proposal design is cost-effective and provides redundancy to maximize delivery of offshore wind.


Deans proposal allows New Jersey to meet or exceed its offshore wind goals via just one new transmission corridor.