Enhancing grid reliability in the United States and Canada

The Lake Erie Connector (LEC) project is a proposed 117-kilometre (nearly 73 mile) underwater transmission line that would link the Province of Ontario in Canada and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the U.S., allowing for the exchange of electricity across the Canada-U.S. border. The project would enhance grid reliability, increase access to renewable energy sources and create economic benefits for both regions.

LEC would use high-voltage direct current technology and would be buried under the lakebed.

NextEra Energy Transmission, and its affiliated entities, is a trusted transmission service provider with a proven track record of building and operating more than 2,700 circuit miles of transmission lines in the United States and Canada. We look forward to working with the regional grid operators, Indigenous communities and other relevant stakeholders as we develop the project and explore ways to collaborate.


To learn more, view the public filings for the Lake Erie Connector project here.

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