Integrating renewable energy and strengthening the electric grid.

North America's #1 competitive transmission company.

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NextEra Energy Transmission (NEET) is the leading competitive transmission company in North America. We own, develop, finance, construct, operate and maintain transmission assets across the continent. NEET operates through its regional subsidiaries to integrate renewable energy and strengthen the electric grid.

NEET is an industry pioneer. Our subsidiaries were among the first non-incumbents to be awarded projects by system operators and utility commissions in California, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Texas and Ontario.

Our portfolio includes operating assets in California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Ontario, Canada as well as numerous projects under development across the United States and Canada Province.


Competitive Transmission

Competition provides benefits to customers. Learn how NEET is advocating for increased competition.

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Competitive Transmission
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NEET develops, owns and operates transmission projects across the continent.

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